About James Alexander 

You could say my path has been rich with spiritual growth opportunities. In fact, sometimes I joke that I’ve lived through a karmic bootcamp! Fortunately, I was gifted with a strong mind that could figure it all out, or...so I thought. Actually, it was my reliance on my mind that got me further into trouble. In fact, my mind lead my life until one day I could no longer bear the life it had created. To sum it up: I felt lost, unfulfilled, and drained, both physically and mentally.

During several emotional and physical crises my heart opened and I discovered a deeper, embodied, source of knowing. With so much to work through, and no patience for band-aid solutions, I sought true healing. Clarity of mind and deep intuition emerged as I cleansed myself of old emotions and inherited beliefs. The body’s wisdom has since become my compass and the basis of my coaching.

My curious and eclectic nature has driven me to work with numerous teachers, systems, and modalities to not only heal myself, but develop a holistic picture of life, humanity, and the healing process, that is as nuanced and multifaceted as we really are. It’s a never ending exploration that I'm grateful to share with my clients. 

I’m here because my deepest calling is to share the insights I’ve gathered on my journey, and to offer my empathy and presence to others in their darkest times. I would be honored if you’d allow me to support you on your journey.

If you feel called to work with me, we can start with a free, no-obligation, one hour phone (or skype) consultation. Schedule with me here.


Disclaimer: I provide something more akin to pastoral or spiritual counseling than psychotherapy. My services are designed for highly functional people. I do not give diagnoses, work with pathology, or claim to be an expert offering a treatment or cure.